No matter the Challenge

The Sun will rise.
Solace Therapeutic Services

Why Solace?

The name "Solace" has profound meaning for our practice as it represents the comfort and consolation we aim to provide when you need it most. In moments of darkness, we want to be the guiding light that helps you find your way back to hope and healing.

Our slogan, "The Sun Will Rise," holds a special place in our hearts. Beyond our belief in the power of vitamin D, the sun symbolizes a new day, a promising future, and the embodiment of our dreams. We truly believe that no matter the storms you face, the sun will always rise. Even when obscured by clouds, it remains a constant presence, offering us the promise of a fresh start.


Abby and Morgan discovered each other's paths while working as outpatient therapists in 2019. As they walked together, both personally and professionally, they realized their shared values and visions for delivering somatic based, mental health services within their community. This realization led them to establish Solace, a place dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment where everyone is welcome just as they are.

Together, let us face each day with the unwavering belief that the sun will rise, lighting the way to a brighter future.


Clinical Team


Morgan Lavender LCMHC,CCTP-II


Abby Kalainikas LCSW,CCTP

Accepting New Clients

Hollis Vilagos LCMHC

Virtual Only

Hope Kalainikas LCSWA


Kaitlin Hanson LCMHC,CCTP

Accepting New Clients

Liz Harris - Graduate Level Intern

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